I am originally from Madison, Wisconsin 'Mad Town' or 'Mad City'
It is a beautiful City and the State Capitol.
But it tends to be frozen about 6 months of the year!
That is why they do a lot of beer drinking and celebrating there.
My dad is the owner this Frank Lloyd Wright home Usonia 1.
Attended the University of WI, Madison for my undergraduate & graduate degree in fine arts.
This was the place we gathered as students. These types of pictures are the ones they use to
lure students to the college with it is only like this for two months in the summer!
This 'thing' has been an great creative inspiration in my life. From comedy and sincere dramas
to the surreal way alternate worlds switch and flicker into your mind.
These creative Musicians and many more have been a great inspiration to me.
And these places, real and unreal have been a great inspiration to me.
In Los Angeles every summer for three years I had the opportunity to volunteer with these two men: They are Sid Avery and Phil Stern. Both famous 'original' Hollywood Photographers.
This is Sid Avery's Photo of the Original cast of Oceans Eleven gang.
These photos where taken By Phil Stern. He was a rare creative man who had a way of seeing his subjects as creative and sensitive human beings.
My internships turned in to opportunity with Warner bros I had a full time job creating CD+Gs an early innovation for the audio CD format.
At Time Warner interactive we were early innovators
of CDROM interfaces and the future of information design.
As the Time Warner Interactive team evolved, we began to created Digital Television Applications
for the original interactive Time Warner cable system.
Then I fell In Love in San Diego! Remember to follow your passions.
And Started working for the E-Mail Man.
Qualcomm Art Director and Manager of Eudora creative services.
We had many responsibilities but I kept my skills going with
multi media and the web. The marketing division later downsized.
Meeting Bennett Peji and all my friends from the AIGA,
became my way to transition into to wonderful world of freelance design.
Bennett helped transform Me as a freelance web designer.
By helping me see the power of specializing your skills.
So I became 'the Flash!!!' I got my name around San Diego and California through the AIGA.
Flash animation and application development was very good to ME!
I even still see a Flash project here and there.
Web 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, yes the internet expands forward....
All my training with Flash - ActionScript made it comfortable to 'hop' right into the 'next level' !!